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Contemporary Fused Glass

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16 inch dichroic platter=patterned rainbow glass with beads
Price: $490.00
Product #: DP00026
Available At: studio
16 inch dichroic platter with silver and purple glass
Price: $450.00
Product #: DP00045
Available At: Studio
16 Inch Dichroic Platter- Blue-Green with Magenta accents
Price: $480.00
Product #: DP00054
Available At: Studio
A fifteen inch diameter circle of lime green glass, decorated with peacock feathers, inspired by a Dior Dress
Price: $254.00
Product #: TA00187
Available At: Denver Art Museum
Inspired by a Dior gown by John Galliano, this 12 inch square black glass plate is embellished with triangles and dots of Dichroic glass.
Price: $260.00
Product #: TA00188
Available At: Denver Art Museum

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